WCT Day 4 – Cullite Cove to Carmanah Creek – actually Cribs Creek

Day 4 we were up early again and had breakfast (oatmeal and logan bread) coffee, tea and hot chocolate.  Packed up quickly and headed out on the trail back to the main trail.   Our goal today is Carmanah Creek, and we will determine what we do once we get there and see what time it is, and what shape we are in.

When we get to the main trail we head north and immediately have some serious ladders to climp to get to the cable car.  This part of the trail has numerous boardwalks that are no longer safe to use.

some of the boardwalks are looking a bit tired

A fair bit of this first section also goes through a bog, and has boardwalks all through it.  Some are in better shape than others.    Many of the trees look like someone carved them like bonsai.

Trail through bog

Just before reaching KM 56, we get to Logan Creek, which has unbelievable ladders leading up and down from the suspension bridge. This bridge has significant engineering in it, and you can see clearly where it has been anchored to the rock walls on both sides.

Part of the ladder down to the Suspension Bridge

another view of the ladder

and a side view

View across bridge

On the Bridge

View through bottom of bridge while walking across - doesn't look so high from this angle


From here we followed the inland trail as we were not going to try crossing at Adrenaline Creek. It again had lots of ladders, big mud holes, more boardwalks over bogs and beaches.  From Walbran Creek we took the beach route all the way to Carmanah Creek.  We had to wait almost an hour at Vancouver Point as we arrived a bit too early and the tide was still too high to get around the point.   In some places the sand was pretty good walking, but in others the fine sand was maybe worse than walking in mud.

Some really bad boardwalks between KM 54 and 53

Some good hard stretches of beach

An archway in high tide

View from KM 61 near Vancouver Point

tracks in the sand

Sea lion sunning on rock near Bonilla Point

We arrived early at the Carmanah Beach camp site.  We could see Chez Moniques just 2 kms away and were standing there discussing options when Leane and Dean and some of the others from Cullite showed up.  We all figured a burger tonight was better than one in the morning and agreed that once we headed for Chez Moniques, we were committing to walk another 2 kms to get to Cribs Creek.  So off we went.

scaring up large flock of gulls on beach

Chez Moniques - it may not look like much from the outside

But the burgers were fantastic

This is sure a treat to have on the trail.  You can pretty much find whatever you are looking for here.   Burgers cost $20, but there is also pop, beer, wine, fruit, veggies, baked goods, candy, chocolate bars, chips and in the morning Omeletes – fully loaded.   While our trail food is very good, this was a nice break.

Once we finished we continued on to Cribs Creek.   We went onto the trail around Carmanah lighthouse, and when we got to the other side, found out there was a shortcut we had missed – not in the books either.  Oh well, 2 kms it is then.  As we came off the beach, as you would expect, there was a steep ladder to help us burn off the calories we just ate.

ladder at Carmanah

We then went overland behind the lighthouse on a nice trail and then back down to the beach at KM 43.  We sure enjoyed the smell of the new red cedar boardwalk.

some new red cedar walkways - got to love the smell of that

back down on the beach. there were sea lions on the rocks out a ways

Cribs Creek Camp site

The walk to Cribs Creek is a very nice one with good scenery, birds and good sand beaches.   There are lots of places to camp, and good plentiful drinking water.  For supper we had Chicken Stew with Dumplings.

The weather has stayed very good so far, and this was the first night we had a sunset.  What a show that was

As the tide came in, the water was spilling over the rock ledges in front of the site.   As it got darker we could see the phosphorescense on the edge of the waves and as the water fell over the rocks.   This was pretty cool.   It was hard to finally look away and close your eyes for much needed sleep.

water spilling over rock ledges

That is the end of day 4, which by all accounts was a real good day.

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