WCT Day 6 – Tsusiat Falls to Tsocowis Creek

Well today we get to have a short hike – about 8 kms, as we walked a bit further a couple of days earlier, and if we walk all the way to Michigan Creek today, we will be finished our hike tomorrow – don’t want that.

So after our usual morning prep of bathroom, getting food from cache, making breakfast and filling water bottles we are ready to go.   Breakfast today is oatmeal with bannock, smothered with nutella or peanut butter – and maybe some jam or honey.  Chased down with the usual coffee, tea or hot chocolate, we are ready to go shortly after.  Sleeping bags have been stuff in sacks, tent has been taken down, packs have been repacked (and as we do every morning weighed with the portable fish scale) to make sure nobody carries LESS than anyone else.   All is fair when hiking.

As we are on the south side of the creek we can just get going.  We walk around the corner and – oh yea – we have to go back up those ladders.  Forgot about that

View first thing in morning when leaving Tsusiat Falls campsite

The trail from Tsusiat to Klanawa River is all inland and as with the rest of the trail, has many varying obstacles to navigate

trail from top of ladders

a natural "infinity pool" at the top of Tsusiat falls with ocean in background

such as boardwalks – all shapes and sizes

a bench with a view,

trails though trees – with roots,

the ever present ladders,

the Klanawa River,

the cable car over the Klanawa River

and finally back to the beach

some more rock ledges,

including ones to rest a pack on

then off the beach again at KM 20 where we get ocean views

we then bypass a derelict donkey engine and grader

so now that we know they had a grader on the trail/road at one time (although a very small one – the trail should get much better).  It sure does – entrance to bridge over Billy Goat Creek

Just up the trail we come to the ladder leading to the Tsoscowis Bridge

the actual swinging bridge

and the small falls beside the bridge

so now it is lunch time, and we are essentially done for the day.  Time for some well deserved R&R (or loafing as the case may be).  The site is empty of others of course as it is so early in the day – will see how that holds up for this evening.   We at least have the rest of the day to explore the area.

beach to the south

our camp site - fire going first - laid out damp gear

we had some visitors at lunch time – Dean and Leane – they are going through to Michigan as they have to get back to work.  Our lunch was hummus with crackers

Dean and Leane

rocks pushed up by waves along beach

loafing in style

loafing double style -with coffee of course

I always said "if you can find a comfy spot in the sun with no bugs - have a nap"

apparently one of them was listening - but was not in the sun

Now that we got that over with, it is time for exploring

part of a wrecked ship

trail guardians cabin

Guardians heading out on patrol

Tsocowis Creek

Cave around corner to south

tide has gone out so we can get around the point

beach to south around corner

We had spaghetti for supper, and then a few whales came by

back of whale

back of whale

and another beautiful sunset

and that was the end of Day 6

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I am a consultant in the forestry and environmental fields and spend my recreational time in a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.
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