Mantario Trail – Day 4 – Moosehead Lake to Marion Lake

Today will be another 15km day with a wide variety of terrain to cover.  We continue to follow the system of lakes and the ridges above them.

So after a hot night sleeping, we get up to a calm morning with loons swimming in front of where we pitched our tent last night.   Not a bad way to start the day.

Moosehead Lake campsite

While we heard nothing during the night, when we go to get our food from the bear box, we can see that it is moved from the spot it was at last night.  It has a chain that is wrapped around a tree to keep it from being dragged off, but you can see on the ground where a bear was likely pushing it around, as evidenced by the drag marks.  The box worked though, and our gear was still intact with no issues.

the fancy trail toilets

As we get started we need to skirt around a large swampy area

and then more climbing

across a rather rickety bridge

view of bridge from top of ridge on south side

and scramble up another rock with the aid of a rope.

view from the top end of the rope

The view up Olive lake from the bridge was peaceful with no wind and very calm water

after a short walk across the top of the ridge

it is +35 degrees and mid morning and the rocks are already getting hot

thankfully the trail goes into the trees every once in a while to cool off – at least there are no mosquitos

we ended up at Peggy Lake campsite – where we stopped for a lunch break

after our break we went around the bottom of Peggy Lake and followed the trail towards Marion Lake

along the edge of Peggy Lake

to cross the bottom of Peggy Lake, you walk across a number of flat boulders

rock "bridge" around Peggy Lake with bear cache showing towards left side in between trees

and then up we go to the top again

As we walked along the rocky ridge, we saw a lot of cairns marking the trail

A very high cairn marker

and encountered a very large beaver dam spanning across a sharp V – valley.  These guys have been quite busy

A very large beaver dam

after walking under the power lines, and crossing the dam, we see a sign showing we are on the right trail – that is good news as there are not many signs, just arrows and cairns

shortly after crossing the dam,  we arrive at Marion Lake – this site is quite busy as the long weekend is just getting underway, so we got our site set up

Marion lake campsite

view to the west

view to the south with train passing by

as this was a full site and the bear bins were full, we decided to hang our packs between the trees – hopefully high enough to be out of reach of the bears

packs hanging in trees

with supper done, we sat by the fire and watched the sun set

and along with the sunset we also had the moon

a final picture to end the day

and that brings us to the end of Day 4 – we have now hiked about 50.7 kms of the total 63 km trail.  That leaves 12.3 kms to go.

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I am a consultant in the forestry and environmental fields and spend my recreational time in a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.
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